Mythic Past

Very little is known about Pre-Roman England. There are several theories as to how long people have lived on the island, and where they came from. What is known is that at some time before the Bronze Age tribes of Gauls (AKA Celts) from the mainland migrated to the British Isles. Some settled in England, such as the Cornish tribe, the Welsh tribe, and the Manx tribe. In the north the Scots tribe settled. There is some debate about whether the Pict tribe settled with the Scots, or were there before the Scots settled in Scotland. Either way the two tribes remained separate and distinct until after the Roman invasion. Other tribes continued to settle Ireland. During the Bronze age the Celtic tribes developed a culture, though we know little about it. At this time Stonehenge, and other stone circles were constructed. The Story of King Lear takes place during this time in England’s history.

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