Line of French Monarchs

Most of the entries on this page link directly to the Wikipedia entry. Those that are important to the packet instead link to a local page that either contains a detailed entry, or an entry that explains the specific reason the monarch is important to this packet and a link to the Wikipedia entry for more information. I present the line of Monarchs until the present day, just as I do for the English. After the final destruction of the Monarchy several branches of claimants have sought the french Throne. I have included links to those Wikipedia pages as well as links to the non-monarchy govenrments of France.


Clovis I
Chlothar II
Childeric III


Pippin the Younger
Charles II The Bald
Louis II
Louis III
Carloman II
Charles the Fat
Charles III
Robert I
Louis IV
Louis V

Capetian Dynasty

Direct Capetian

Hugh Capet
Robert II
Henry I
Philip I
Louis VI
Louis VII
Philip II Augustus
Louis VIII
Louis IX The Saint
Philip III
Philip IV
Louis X
John I
Philip V
Charles IV

House of Valois

Philip VI
John II
Charles V
Charles VI
Charles VII
Henry VI of England (Pretender)
Louis XI
Charles VIII

Valois-Orleans Branch

Louis XII


Francis I
Henry II
Francis II
Charles IX
Henry III

House of Burbon

Henry IV
Louis XIII
Louis XIV The Sun King
Louis XV
Louis XVI
Louis XVII

The First Republic

The National Convention
The Directory
The Consulate

Bonaparte Dynasty, First Empire

Napoleon I

Capetian Dynasty, Restored House of Bourbon


Bonaparte Dynasty, First Empire Resorted

Napoleon I
Napoleon II

Capetian Dynasty, Restored House of Bourbon

Charles X
Louis XIX
Henri V

House of Bourbon-Orleans


The Second Republic

Second French Republic

Bonaparte Dynasty, Second Empire

Napoleon III

The Third Republic

The Third French Republic

The French State

Vichy France

Provisional Government of France

The Provisional Government of the French Republic

The Fourth Republic

The Fourth French Republic

The Fifth Republic

The Fifth French Republic

Claims on the French Throne


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